The most exciting marriage proposal in the Lake Region of Lombardy.

If you are planning a marriage proposal, we have a great idea to surprise your girlfriend in the most romantic way in the Lombardy Lake Region - Switzerland.
Whether you live in Italy/ Switzerland or not, this is your chance to surprise your beloved with a romantic marriage proposal in one of the most beautiful and romantic areas of Northern Italy and Switzerland.

A specially designed marriage proposal for your loved one.
The Lombardy Lake Region (including Como Lake, Maggiore Lake and Garda Lake) is one of the most romantic locations that we can offer. Our designers will create your special proposal at your choice of location along this region.

Our design includes

• MARRY ME letters with red roses.
• Carpet - red or white color.
• White lamps.
• White bouquets.
• A LED light decorative heart stand.
• Bottle of Sparkling Wine with 2 glasses.
• Box of Chocolates.
• Music of your choice.
• Pictures and video clip.

Payment method
We accept credit cards & PayPal
Payment by phone order.

Why to choose our service for your marriage proposal in Northern Italy and Switzerland.

Your marriage proposal is a very important moment, which is why it is important to choose the right people to make the perfect event! It is important for us that your proposal of marriage that you have been planning for a long time will be just as perfect as you imagine.

Our company has been specialising in organizing marriage proposals since 2005 in many places in Europe / USA / Mexico / and the Greek Islands.

Over 6K customers have chosen our service and we would love for you to be one of our happy customers who chose to celebrate your special marriage proposal with us.


You can upgrade your marriage proposal in Northern Italy and Switzerland ♦ We encourage you to browse our list of additional options for the prices in each country.

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